SCHILDEX VSP (Very Strong Protection)

Ultra-durable hybrid silicone-organic protective coating.
A protective nano-ceramic compound with the highest strength and degree of protection due to the maximum concentration of SiO2 in its composition, an especially durable ceramic nano-coating for all types of paint and varnish surfaces.
It is a modified formula of the SCHILDEX Q9 Strong line aimed at the professional segment. In this composition, the chemical resistance is significantly increased, and the high density of the formation of a molecular hybrid network inside the paintwork coating makes it possible to obtain the maximum thickness of the protective nano-ceramic coating on the surface. Very Strong Protection is the most advanced protective coating in the SCHILDEX range. For the best stable quality it is obligatory to apply the composition MINIMUM in 2 protective coats. Also, to impart high hydrophobic properties to the surface over VSP, SCHILDEX QX or SCHILDEX Q8 BRILLIANT must be applied.
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