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We provide quality products for professional car detailing
SCHILDEX is the result of a scientific and technical unification of a group of specialists in various fields: fundamental science, applied research, specialists from the automotive industry, analysts and marketers of the highest class.

The results of our work, and with them the products brought to the market, carry many years of experience in testing and testing, taking into account the specifics of their application in the most severe conditions. The main activity of our company is the production of organic silicon-based protective compounds.

This is a special class of protective coatings that have unprecedented characteristics, the highest adhesion and resistance, unique optical properties, protection against a wide class of chemical and mechanical influences, due to surface modification with the formation of the thinnest quartz near-surface layer.

Company standards

The work of SCHILDEX is based on principles and standards that make it possible to be the best in the market of protective coatings, qualitatively and promptly meeting the needs of each client through the possibility of individual development, providing technical support and guaranteeing high quality of manufactured products
A flexible system of discounts for owners of car wash complexes and car services makes cooperation with SCHILDEX an ideal choice for your business, and our delivery service will not keep you waiting long!
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